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Skills Every Office Worker Should Have In 2017

In today’s competitive job market, having the right skills is essential to be hired by the best companies. This is why so many people have been brushing up on their tech, social media and creative skills to get their dream job. However, some of the most important skills that every office worker should have in 2017 are not taught in any school and may seem quite basic, but knowing these things are equally important in order for one’s career to advance.

Here are the skills that every professional should have in 2017.

Time management

According to Business Insider, effective time management is one skill that is highly valued by employers. Among the things that employees can do to be better at this is to plan ahead by making a to-do list every morning, prioritizing projects, and learning how to focus on the task ahead.


Employers are more likely to promote people who can cope with any situation and who are willing to learn more things outside their normal job. The key is to be open to changes and be willing to take on new challenges in the workplace.


A lack of organization can put a strain on one’s performance, and bosses don’t have the time to deal with employees who lack this skill. Being organized can be as simple as keeping a neat desk or having properly filed papers and computer files.


Nobody wants to be around negative people in the office, as one pessimistic person has the potential to affect the entire team’s performance. Employers want people who are naturally optimistic and who genuinely believe in themselves and the company.


Office workers who are able to communicate their ideas efficiently, whether spoken or written, are more likely to be promoted than those who are incapable of expressing their thoughts in a professional manner. Take the time to finesse your communication skills by talking to people and sending well-written emails to colleagues.

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