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How Successful Women Deal With Mondays

For professionals, nothing seems to take the joy out of the weekends than thinking about Monday. But some women make the first day of the workweek seem painless as they effectively cope with the Monday blues.

Mondays don’t have to be stressful. In fact, many successful women look at it as an opportunity to make a fresh start, and the possibilities seem endless when you start the week with the right frame of mind.

Here is how successful women deal with Mondays.

They are grateful for the work

Instead of complaining, they are grateful for the opportunity to work. “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” star Sarah Michelle Gellar deals with the Monday blues by reminding herself of how lucky she is to have a job that she loves.

“I know Mondays can be rough, but I always try and remind myself how lucky I am to be doing something I love,” said Gellar (via The Kitchn). “When you have passion and you are watching your dreams come to fruition, it makes getting out of bed much easier.”

They prepare for the week ahead

Successful women know that the week will go much smoother if one prepares well for it. Preparation could include anything from making sure that all work clothes for the week are cleaned and ironed, and one’s to-do list is written and ready to be ticked off in her daily planner.

They get enough sleep and wake up energized for work

Lack of sleep can make anyone feel tired and cranky, so if one wants to start the week right, it is important to be well-rested to feel good. Aim to get at least eight hours of sleep on Sunday night, and you’ll be able to face the day with a smile.

They dress for success

Successful women know that to be at one’s best, you’ve got to dress as if you’re ready to take on the world. Wear your best work outfit on Monday to feel energized and to be your best self at work. Add some accessories, makeup, and carry a nice bag to complete your look.

They make Mondays fun for their co-workers

Whether it’s bringing a box of muffins to share with co-workers or staying light-hearted and cheerful throughout the day, successful women make Mondays better for everyone as they become the source of positive energy in the workplace. Try spreading the good cheer around and everyone in the office will start to look forward to the next work week.

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