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Bad Habits That Make You Look Unprofessional In The Workplace

Most people who have been working years in a professional setting have somehow mastered the art of corporate dressing, crafting business emails, and the like. However, many office workers are unaware that certain habits can make them look unprofessional in the workplace.

Some of these habits are merely annoying, while others show blatant disrespect for one’s co-workers. In any case, it’s good to be reminded occasionally about the right way to behave at work.

Here are the habits that make you look unprofessional in the workplace.


Some people have a hard time fixing this habit, as every sentence that comes out of their mouths seems to contain a swear word or two. When you find yourself using the F-word as an adjective, then you’ll need to curb this bad habit, as it makes you look uncouth and disrespectful.

Being late

When an employee has been branded as the one who is perpetually late to work, there’s also this notion that he or she is lazy and has complete disregard for the company rules. The professional thing to do is to come to work on time and be ready to do what needs to be done.

Making sexist jokes or comments

Some men don’t know that their offhand comments are insulting to women in the workplace. Making pointed comments on a woman’s attire, such as, “How can you walk in those heels?” or “Your husband must have spent a fortune on those Manolos” are offensive.

The same goes for things said to working mothers, with the most common being, “You’ve got kids. However, do you manage to find time for your work?” Working fathers are not on the receiving end of such comments, so women should be treated with the same respect in the office.

Primping at one’s desk

There’s always that one lady in the office who takes out her makeup bag and nonchalantly primps at her desk several times during the day. Your desk should not double as your makeup table. Either come to work already made up, or head to the ladies room to do your makeup.


When getting praised at work, it’s tempting to share the good news with others. But sharing your accomplishments can turn into bragging. According to etiquette and civility expert Rosalinda Oropeza Randall (via Business Insider), there are a few indicators that this is happening.

Randall says that if a person goes on and on about the accomplishment, or if one speaks of it in a loud tone, then that can be considered as bragging. The same goes if one needs to put down other people or if you forget to thank a person when congratulated.

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