Jan 12, 2017 05:38 AM EST

Looking For A Job? Alibaba Promises 1 Million U.S. Jobs To Trump But It Might Be Too Good To Be True

Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma told President-elect Donald Trump that he can bring 1 million jobs to the U.S. With the promise, Ma joins the ranks of several CEOs who promised to boost employment in the country.

Trump has been calling out companies who are planning to invest outside of the U.S., resulting in some of them abandoning their initial plans and adding U.S. expansions into their to-do list. Jobs & Hire previously reported that car makers Ford and Fiat Chrysler decided to invest billions in the U.S. after Trump shamed Toyota.

During a 40-minute meeting, Ma and Trump talked about the business relationship between U.S. and China. Ma, who has close ties to the communist government in China, is believed to be acting as a representative of the country.

The Chinese e-commerce giant told Trump that it will help with the U.S. president-elect's initiative to boost employment in the U.S., Newsweek reported. An initiative that will onboard small businesses to the Alibaba platform is expected to generate one million jobs for U.S. citizens, particularly those who are living in the Midwest.

With the initiative, small businesses in the U.S. will be able to sell products in China and other Asian markets. Alibaba has long been trying to expand its business in the U.S. so that it can have access to small businesses that can offer various products in Asia.

While many news outlets may have welcomed the news, MarketWatch warned that it should be taken with a grain of salt. Apparently, Alibaba is touting jobs that are not exactly at the corporate level.

It appears that Alibaba's announcement was only made to entice U.S. small businesses into using its platform. By getting Trump's seal of approval, the Chinese e-commerce giant will be able to pursue its expansion plans in the U.S. and boost its own profits.

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