Jan 12, 2017 05:44 AM EST

Voting Ongoing: Time To Say Goodbye To Some Monopoly Tokens

Business owners can take a lesson or two from Hasbro when it comes to branding and advertisement. The company is banking on its earlier successes with its strategy of drumming up players' support when it comes to its Monopoly tokens.

Now, the company is allowing players from all over the world to choose from 56 new tokens, Engadget reported.  The sad news, however, is that whichever tokens get the most number of votes from around the world will take the place of the current tokens. If you are an old school board game player and you love the old tokens, the results of the global voting could bring you sad news.

CNET reported that all the old tokens are included in the voting options. That means that thimble, top hat and Scottie dog could be replaced by any of the tokens that win the most number of hearts all over the world.

Asking the world to vote on the tokens is not a new strategy for Hasbro. The company has replaced the iron token with a cat token after a Facebook vote. Jobs & Hire previously reported that the company decided to use real money for the 80th anniversary of Monopoly, marking the end of Monopoly money at least in France.

The marketing strategy is an effective one as it gets players to actively participate in the decision-making involving one of the most beloved board games of all times. Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their customer base and introduce their products to new markets should learn how to pique the interest of potential customers.

Hasbro is hoping that the voting system will once again boost the sale of its Monopoly game. With the birth of the Internet comes the freedom of players to demand what they want to companies, so Hasbro is taking advantage of that.

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