Jan 18, 2017 08:42 AM EST

Career Advice: Get A Gig, Not A Job

Workers seek jobs for stability but it is only an illusion. The author of "The Gig Economy" writes that workers seek a gig at multiple firms instead of looking for a job.

An article written by Forbes contributor Simon Constable tackles the career advice that MBA lecturer Diane Mulcahy imparts in her new book entitled "The Gig Economy." The book centers on how a person can live better and work better by finding his or her niche in what Mulcahy coins as the Gig Economy.

The Gig Economy refers to directly providing and selling services to more than one firm or client at the same time. This not only allows you to work with a schedule you yourself made and are comfortable with, but it also means that when work with one client does not work out, you still have a list of customers to fall back on.

This is why getting a gig is more favorable compared to having the seemingly stable and less risky prospect of having a job. The stability jobs offer are only an illusion.

It is an illusion that you will be able to detect and see more clearly when you realize that employers are no longer fiercely loyal towards their employees, writes Constable. The latter are more often going to be on the receiving end of the Staff Cutting business than the former who get to keep their jobs when revenues fall.

With a gig, you are your own boss provided that you work within the agreement that you have settled on with your client. You can also get as many clients as you can handle, getting new ones and/or maintaining old ones.

Thus, the advice to be found here is getting a gig, not a job. For more career advice, follow Jobs & Hire

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