Jan 21, 2017 06:18 AM EST

Business And Politics: Why These Countries Are Anxious Of Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump took the highest seat in the United States, and some countries feel that they are in a bad dream. Even during the campaign, the recently inaugurated U.S. president promised that he will put America first in every legislation and action that he will support.

The protectionist plan goes against the current global idea of cooperation, especially when it comes to trade. One by one, each and every country has been opening up to do business with the world. However, with Trump holding the reins of one of the most powerful countries in the world, all progress can be undone.

Some countries that feel they have been taken advantage of by the Western ideals of the United States may feel happy with Trump's plans. However, those that have relied on their relationship with the country to boost their economy could end up feeling betrayed by his stance.

TIME reported Mexico would be one of the top countries that feels threatened now that Trump wields a considerable amount of legislative power in the U.S. The president has been criticizing Mexico, blaming the country for the influx of illegal immigrants in the U.S. The president even went as far as lambasting companies like Ford and Fiat Chrysler for their plans to build more plans in the country instead of the U.S.

Other countries that do not feel very happy with Trump's presidency include Japan, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, Germany and France. Many of these countries feel that Trump's nationalistic stance may embolden far-right groups in their country.

Trump's reportedly close relationship with Russia's Vladimir Putin makes the European countries nervous. IJR reported earlier that Putin was among the first country leaders who congratulated Trump after he won the election in 2016.

Jobs & Hire previously reported that Trump's protectionist plans will not actually help America gain more jobs but will only hurt relations with other countries.

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