Jan 23, 2017 10:11 AM EST

How To Land A Job After Graduation

Senior students across the country are in the final stretch of their academic year, and many are equally excited and nervous about entering the workforce after graduation. With the big day looming ahead, many students are now starting to worry about their future after college.

As the job market has become more competitive in recent years, most people know that having a degree may not be enough to secure a job. However, there are ways to land a job immediately after graduation.

Here’s how to secure a job after graduating from college.

Make the most of your senior year

Obviously, this isn’t the time to slack off just because you only have a few months left in college. While studying, you could take the time to check out job fairs, make connections, and search for work opportunities.

Don’t think about landing your dream job

Your first job won’t likely be the job that you want, but very few people actually land their dream job fresh out of college. Remember that your first job will unlikely be your last job. Instead of aiming for the job of your dreams, think about the skills that you can acquire from the first place that hires you. After two or three years, you could use those skills to apply for a position that would fit in your professional goals.

Prepare to look for a job

Take the time to update your resume. You could also take a short business writing course if you could fit it in your schedule.

Prospective employers often look at applicants’ social media pages, particularly Facebook accounts, so make sure to delete any posts or pictures that would give them the wrong impression. Upload a professional-looking profile picture and update your profile if necessary.

Learn how to present yourself for job interviews. You can check out Jobs & Hire’s tips on how to dress appropriately for interviews. Also, brush up on your interview skills and practice with a family member or a friend who has recently been through the job hunt process.

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