Jan 24, 2017 06:26 AM EST

US-UK Trade Deal To Eliminate Tariffs

The trade deal between the US and the UK will occur this week. It will reportedly involve the elimination of tariffs on British and American goods.

According to a recent news article published by the Telegraph, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, and the newly inaugurated United States President Donald Trump will discuss various topics on their trade deal when they meet this week in Whitehall. May stated that the areas to be tackled will include the trading relationship between the two countries, the Syrian crisis, and terrorism.

On the agenda for trade is the lowering or even dropping tariffs. The Telegraph writes that officials who are part of designing the trade deal are looking for items that the US and the UK already export to one another and seeing if it is possible to lower tariffs or even have zero tariffs.

May will also bring NATO to the discussion, calling it a "bulwark" of Europe's security and citing it as a significant topic. It is to be noted that Trump has been critical of the organization in the past.

Aside from security, sources in government also expect May to explore other avenues in which the movement of the workers in the UK and the US will be made easier so as to promote job creation. According to Telegraph, the "job plan" will be beneficial for both parties and would allow the new president to affirm his pledge to put America first.

The relationship between the UK and the US is a special one, says May. She will take the meeting in Whitehall as an opportunity to build on that relationship.

Trump, who is for the putting up of protectionist trade measures, was inaugurated last Jan. 20, Friday. Follow Jobs & Hire for more Donald Trump-related news and updates.

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