Jan 24, 2017 07:48 PM EST

Webhosting Service Weebly Requires ‘Trial Week’ Before Hiring An Applicant

When it comes to applying for a job, one’s first impression truly last. There are a lot of job seekers who are good in acing interviews. However, web hosting service Weebly added some twist for their applicants as they require them to undergo a “trial week” before hiring them.

Applicants usually impress hiring manager during interviews, but sometimes when they are already put on the job, things do not seem to go well. It does not necessarily mean that those who are good in selling and promoting themselves are indeed the best employees that you can have. And this has been one of the problems that Weebly encountered over the past years. The company felt how challenging hiring could be.

Weebly’s CEO and co-founder David Rusenko shared to Business Insider that "When we started the company, we felt like hiring was broken.” He added, "We looked at a bunch of résumés and we said, 'We can't learn anything about these people from their résumés.' It's like, what can you really learn about a person from a one-sheet résumé?"

Given that thought made the company decide that there should be a trial week in order for them to evaluate and know accordingly their applicants. They describe it to be an intense week wherein applicants will be given a particular project related to their field of expertise. This is the perfect time for the applicant to show what they got and prove to them that they are indeed worthy to be part of the company.

"It's really a great opportunity to show your work, instead of having to just sell yourself in an interview, which a lot of people find very difficult," says Rusenko.

He explained further that "It's a real competitive advantage for us because it allows us to get a lot more data on people and find people who are not good at interviewing but do fantastic work." That is why Rusenko believes that the trial week is beneficial for both the company and its applicants.

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