Jan 26, 2017 11:17 AM EST

Job Interview Tips: Harvard Junior Shared How She Got Internship Offers From Different Big Companies

When it comes to getting your dream job, how you do with your interview is very important. A Harvard junior was able to get an internship from different big companies in the United States through passing her interviews and she shared some tips about it.

According to the Business Insider, Jessica Pointing, a junior at Harvard University with a major in computer science and physics, was able to receive internship offer from successful companies in the United States. Companies such as Facebook, Mac, Microsoft, Google, Bain, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and McKinsey offered her their internship programs. The roles offered to her include data science, software engineering, consulting, product management, investment banking and much more.

Pointing shared on her blog, the Optimize Guide that the key to her successful interviews was being “prepared and relaxed.” She also pointed out important tips on how you will be able to ace your interviews and some career advice that can be of great help to a lot of individuals.

First of all, you have to do your research and homework. Reading is the major key in order for you to be prepared. “I treated the internship interviews as a class – I studied the material from books and did practice problems before the test, a.k.a. the interview,” says Pointing.

Next, is developing a structure for problem-solving. Interviews can be very stressful, that is a given fact. But if you have a structure in your head then it will be easier for you to adopt a problem-solving mindset. In this way, going blank while on the interview can be prevented. Another thing that can also help you is through practice and strategizing. "It is very important to practice in an interview setting before the interview," says Pointing.

Basically, devoting time to reading and practicing can help you do great in your interviews. It cannot be prevented that things will not go your way that is why it also helps if you have a backup plan. Jessica shared that “you should always have an alternative path to pursue if your job or internship opportunity falls through.”

Another tip that Pointing shared is that taking notes of interview questions and its solutions can be very beneficial. And lastly, being knowledgeable and smart when it comes to behavioral questions is very important especially when it talks about being a team leader or a team player.

Through those informative interview tips that Pointing shared a lot of students will already know how to make their interview a success. As they say, first impressions do last and that applies to job interviews as well that is why knowing how to be the right candidate matters a lot says, Jobs & Hire.

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