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Job Advice: Job Interview Lies

A lot will be said during a job interview and it is going to be difficult to sift through the information and find out which ones are true and which are false. This article tackles three job interview lies you will hear in recruitment.

Liz Ryan, a Forbes contributor, wrote about the many job interview lies spoken to recruits. You can find three of them below.

"We don't know yet how much the job is going to pay."

Ryan writes that it is irresponsible not to mention unprofessional on the part of a recruiter to not research on the potential salary range for a position they are trying to fill. One reason for them to refrain from disclosing a salary is because they want to know how much you are willing to work for and will try to get you to do the job for a wage that is less than its market rate.

"The pay isn't great, but the benefits are amazing."

Ask yourself if you can do a job knowing that you are not being paid the appropriate value for your time and skill. Chances are going to be that you are going to complain and be dissatisfied on your first pay-day because a percentage of your already low salary has been taken to pay for the said benefits.

"We should be able to let you know by early next week."

This is a lie. You are most likely going to hear from them a week or two weeks after due to the fact that there will be other interviewees or recruits being assessed.

According to Ryan, waiting a week or two after the interview is acceptable. However, never wait for a month for a job that you hope will be given to you.

These are only three of five job interview lies that Ryan shared in her article. To know more about it, read her article here and follow Jobs & Hire for more job tips

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