Jan 27, 2017 11:13 AM EST

Trump Makes Another Carmaker Fold: Toyota Vows Huge U.S. Investment

A few weeks after United States President Donald Trump criticized its expansion plans overseas, Toyota announced that it set aside huge amount of money that it will invest in Indiana. The move is not surprising since several car makers already promised that they will expand their operations in the U.S.

Trump has been shaming companies that had been vocal about their plans to invest more money in other countries outside of the United States like Mexico and China. He has even threatened to impose huge amount of import tax on their products to punish them for their decisions.

Shares of car makers tanked following Trump's criticism. Toyota is one of the first companies that received the ire of the new U.S. president for its plan to open a factory in Mexico.

Deutsche Welle reported that it will now focus on improving one of its U.S. plants. The car maker said it allotted $600 million for the initiative. It also touted that the project will create 400 new jobs in the U.S., which appears to be a silent nod to Trump's campaign to bring back jobs to the country.

The plant that Toyota is planning to invest more money in is located in the home state of Vice President Mike Pence. This little nugget of information suggests that the car maker is indeed working on appeasing the new administration although it will not say so outright.

MLive reported that improvement of the plant, which mainly creates Toyota's Highlander will start in two years. Following Trump's criticism of its lack of initiative in the U.S., Toyota has been highlighting all of its effort in the country. The carmaker touted the number of carmakers it has in America as well the amount of money it has invested in the country so far.

General Motors is one of the car makers that promised to invest more in the U.S. and create several jobs in the country, Jobs & Hire previously reported.

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