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Hotel Workers Share Tips on How To Get The Best Out of a Hotel Stay

Before going on a vacation or a business trip, most people make the time to research the best hotel room to stay in that fits their budget. While referrals from family and friends can be helpful when choosing a hotel, the best advice comes from hotel workers, as they know the best tips on how one can get the best out of a hotel stay.

Front desk clerks and other hotel workers took to Reddit to give tips on getting room discounts and room upgrades. One commenter warned about the repercussions of stealing the hotel’s sheets and towels, and gave advice on what you need to do if you really like to take these items home.

Here are some tips on how to get the best out of a hotel stay, as told by hotel workers.

Book directly with the hotel

One commenter who worked as a front desk clerk for several years at three different hotels said that it’s always best to book your room directly with the hotel. Don’t book via a third-party site because if you have complaints, you won’t be able to get a refund or a discount.

The Redditor adds that it’s unlikely your room will get a complimentary upgrade or any other perk if you book your room this way. If you’re concerned about the price difference, simply mention that you saw a cheaper rate online. Chances are the hotel will match the price, or even go lower.

Ask for discounts

Another former front desk clerk said that when making a phone reservation, always ask for the AAA discount. The Redditor said that you can also ask for a manager’s discount and you will usually receive it. The commenter said that there are also a number of other discounts offered by chain hotels such as military discount and trucker discount, among others.

Be polite to the hotel staff

Always be polite to the hotel staff when asking for discounts, a wake-up call, extra toiletries, or even an extra pillow.

Ask, and you could receive

One hotel worker said that people who get caught stealing linens, towels, and pillows get charged for them upon checkout. But if you really like them, simply ask.

“We’ve resold them at cost to people who ask (and actually just given them away a couple of times),” wrote Redditor phonomancer.

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