Jan 30, 2017 04:12 AM EST

Should You Or Should You Not Date Your Coworker?

Has someone caught your eye at work? Is a coworker someone you are seriously interested in dating? Before you ask him or her out, here are the pros and cons of workplace dating for you to think over.

Skillopedia put together a list of the pros and cons of an office romance. Here they are below.


More time. As a couple who work together, you two will be able to spend more time with each other as compared to other partners who have to set up dates outside of office hours. Not only will you be able to work silently by each other's side but you can eat together during breaks too.

Deeper level of understanding. Working together allows yourselves to understand the other's work ethics and intelligence level, says Skillopedia. You can see how the other functions under pressure, demands, and stress.

You can count on your partner to understand that you do not have time to go watch a movie because your boss has issued a deadline. He or she will not only understand but will be patient as well.

Better productivity

Working together can inspire the two of you to be more creative and reduce stress at the office. You can share ideas and it can lead to improved productivity.


Affected job performance. Couples who are too engrossed with one another and take very long breaks together may find their work performance negatively affected. They can be distracted by the presences of their partners to the point that they cannot concentrate on the task at hand and end up spending more time with their partners than with the job.

Workplace drama and gossip. In the event that you end a relationship with a coworker, you will have to see him or her every day. That may not be a very good environment to do your work unless the breakup is amicable.

Furthermore, during and post relationship, there may be individuals who will be interested in your relationship and talk about it. Unless you are okay with being talked about, it might be better not to enter into an office romance.

Bad work ethics. According to Skillopedia, having a relationship with your boss or your subordinate can fuel the gossip mill. There will be talk that someone is receiving or giving special treatment, despite the fact that that may not be true.

Moreover, if you are dating your subordinate, it may be difficult or challenging to discipline him or her. You may hold back a bit because of your relationship.

Do these disadvantages mean that you should avoid an office romance altogether? As long as you strike a balance between work and romance, know how to draw a line between the two, and know how to be professional when it is necessary, you will find yourself looking forward to going to work every day.

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