Jan 30, 2017 08:05 AM EST

Tension Between LeBron James And Cleveland Cavaliers Management Due To Payroll Issues

The NBA defending champion and this season’s Eastern Conference top contender Cleveland Cavaliers has been struggling on the courts now that they have lost for the sixth time. However, the team’s leader LeBron James is involved in another problem with the management due to payroll issues. With this another issue on hand, the team needs a lot of work to get through.

Sources from ESPN revealed that LeBron and Cleveland Cavaliers' owner, Dan Gilbert, have a misunderstanding regarding the issue, and it seems like it is already affecting their relationship. The brewing tension between James and Gilbert seems to escalate given the fact the team is having a hard time winning for the past games.

After losing the game against New Orleans last Monday night, James said an intriguing statement. “I just hope that we’re not satisfied as an organization,” said James. This particular is about the recent money handling and decisions of the team.

To add more intensity to the issue, James followed it up by posting a tweet which says, “I not mad or upset at management ’cause [general manager David Griffin] and staff have done a great job, I just feel we still need to improve in order to repeat … if that’s what we wanna do.”

James comment triggered different speculations. With what he said it seems like it was the organization's decision whether they will improve or not while others view it to further money spending for the team.

That is why Griffin strongly thinks that such comment made was “misguided.” "Organizationally, there is absolutely no lack of clarity on what our goal set is. We are here to win championships. ... Anyone insinuating that this organization is about anything other than that would deeply upset me because ownership has invested in this at an absolutely historic level,” says Griffin.

On top of that Griffin also pointed out that Gilbert can increase payroll if it is the right thing to do. According to Forbes, Gilbert lost $40 million last season because of his massive spending just to make sure that the team will win a title. Therefore, Griffin believes that the team can make it through without having to pull out bigger expense.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire reported that last month there were rumors that Cleveland Cavaliers was being fined for not letting LeBron play the game against Memphis Grizzlies.

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