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Must-Have Office Gadgets And Accessories Under $50

Most young urban professionals wouldn’t dream of leaving their homes without their smartphones, as many have come to rely on their phones to stay organized at work. However, there are other gadgets and accessories that workers should have for work, and some of these items are important for their tech needs, while some items help give one’s desk a professional look.

Here are the must-have gadgets and accessories under $50 that every professional should have.

A flash drive

Using a flash drive is the fastest way to bring and transfer large files, so every worker should have one in his or her bag. Ideally, one must choose a flash drive with the highest storage that a person can afford, but a basic, 16GB flash drive from SanDisk ($7.97) will do to keep files and documents in. If you want to go a bit fancier, there are flash drives available in all shapes and sizes, such as the 8GB baby turtle-shaped flash drive from EMTEC ($9.99) and the hamburger-shaped model from D-CLICK ($14.98).

An electronics organizer

Instead of haphazardly throwing charger cords, headphones, flash drives, and cables into your bag, opt to coral all your tech paraphernalia in a handy electronics organizer, such as the nylon version from BUBM ($13.99 on Amazon). It has mesh pockets to corral your things and 2 zipper pockets to store small items safely.

An external hard drive

If you plan to keep pictures, movies, and music in your flash drive, consider moving all of those files to an external hard drive, which has more space to store these kinds of files. Get the 250GB portable external hard drive from Gamegear for only $29.98 at Amazon.

Noise canceling headphones

Sometimes, you just want to drown out all the noise in the office to be able to focus on your tasks. Noise canceling headphones can block out all the noise, and you can get a good pair for under $50, such as Monodeal’s Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Mic ($45.99).

A Digital Picture Frame

Want to display a few family photos but you’re worried about cluttering your desk? Consider having a digital picture frame, such as the GiiNii 7-inch digital frame on your workspace. Simply place your SD card or MMC card in the frame, or plug in your USB to see a slideshow of all of your pictures in your storage device.

A monitor riser

This nifty device elevates your monitor up to eye level to avoid eye or neck strain while working. The Songmics Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser ($28.99) does this and a whole lot more, as it’s the perfect desk organizer too. It has various slots to hold your cellphone, coffee mug, papers, stapler, pens, and other supplies, and you can slide your keyboard and mouse under the riser to give you space to work in.

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