Feb 01, 2017 08:38 PM EST

CEO Michael Boulware Moore To Build African American Landmark

The United States is known to have the most multicultural makeup. However, it shares a different point of views regarding racial and ethnic issues. This prompted CEO Michael Boulware Moore to build an African-American historic landmark.

There are a lot of untold stories about America’s racial history. Most of the African-Americans in the US are forced to develop their own sense of identity without having a precise frame of reference for it. Aside from that they also have minimal information with their important connection to the legacy of entrepreneurship, innovation, and success. This prompted Moore to open the International African American Museum (IAAM) in 2019, says Forbes.

Before Moore started the museum project, he used to be a successful advertising executive. It was through the remarkable story of his great-great grandfather, Robert Smalls, that encouraged Michael to take on the new venture of making African American history more understandable for today’s multicultural generation.

“I spent my career in marketing developing new products and leveraging the facts of history in an emotional way that is powerful. My mission is very similar with this venture. We’re telling stories and crafting an emotional experience that will be very deep and meaningful for visitors of the museum. So much of African American history has yet to be told,” says Moore.

The International African American Museum will serve as a historical landmark for African-Americans in Charleston, South Carolina. Through the museum, people will be able to learn, explore and uncover more about the African-Americans and how important their roles are in the economic as well as cultural growth and development of America. Reportedly, 60 percent of African-Americans were able to find their family roots in Charleston.

The museum will feature different exhibits such as Africa & the Atlantic World, Plantation Labor & Rice Culture, Urban Life & Skilled Labor, Survival & Resistance, War & Emancipation, Building a Free Community, Community, Diaspora, Voice, National Culture, International Influence, Changing Exhibit Gallery, Family Heritage DNA and Educational Curriculum.

Meanwhile, in other CEO related news, President Donald Trump already sat down for an important and interesting meeting with the CEOs of the biggest and successful companies in the United States.

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