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Style On A Budget: How To Look Good In The Office Without Spending A Fortune

Most professionals take exceptional care to look good for the office, as first impressions count in today’s competitive business world. However, those who have just joined the workforce or who have a limited budget may find it daunting to look good, as the cost of the latest fashion and cosmetics can be quite considerable.

However, there are many ways to look good while on a shoestring budget. All it takes is making the right choices, taking care of one’s self, putting in the effort to look good, and a bit of creativity, and anyone can look like professional and put together for work.

Here are some tips on how to look good in the office while on a budget.

Be well groomed

You’ll be surprised at how people can notice the little details in a person’s appearance. Wealthy people are often very well groomed, with nary a stray brow hair or a ragged cuticle in sight. To look good without spending a fortune, simply be clean and neat and pay attention to your grooming.

You don’t have to spring for a manicure. Just clean your nails, cut them short, push back cuticles and buff to a high shine. Pluck stray hairs from your eyebrows and fill in bald spots with a brow powder. Hair should look clean, healthy, and shiny, so color your hair at home if your roots are showing. Opt for a neat and unfussy hairstyle that won’t age you.

Get your clothes tailored

Any piece of clothing, whether it’s a $10 skirt from Forever 21 or a $500 skirt from Tory Burch, will look better if it fits you well. Find a tailor and have him take in big jackets and blazers, and let him hem your pants so they’re not dragging on the floor when you walk.

Take care of your skin

Clean, healthy, glowing skin is an asset, so instead of buying the latest foundations and lipsticks, focus on skincare as having good skin means that you won’t have to spend too much on makeup.

There’s no need to buy La Mer, Chanel, Cle de Peau, or SK II products for your skin to look great. Check out Ponds, Olay, Neutrogena, and Garnier for cleansers, moisturizers, and anti-agers that work well and won’t break the bank.

Find a good cobbler

There’s no need to buy new shoes every month if you know a good cobbler. A cobbler can replace soles, change heels, stretch shoes that are too tight, and add padding to a shoe’s foot bed, for the fraction of the price of a new pair of heels.

Choose your clothes wisely

When going shopping, don’t spend lots of money on trendy items. However, you can spend more on a good quality blazer in black or navy, as this piece of clothing is very versatile and you can wear it with anything. Pick one with a good fit and an elegant look.

Pay attention to your fabric choices. Remember that cotton, linen, and tweed look expensive even when they’re not, while shiny or threadbare fabric tends to look cheap.

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