Sep 19, 2013 09:25 AM EDT

Dairy Queen Employee Joey Prusak Praised For Kindness: Young Worker Gives Own Money To Visually Impaired Customer After Woman Takes Away Blind Man’s Money [VIDEO & REPORT]

A Dairy Queen employee has received a lot of online praises recently for his honorable actions towards a blind customer, Yahoo! reported Wednesday.

A young Dairy Queen employee gets lauded online for his honorable actions towards a visually impaired customer, who accidentally dropped a $20 bill at a Hopkins, Minnesota Dairy Queen branch.

Young Joey Prusak witnessed how a blind customer unknowingly dropped a $20 bill on the ground near a Hopkins, Minnesota Dairy Queen, and he was surprised that another customer, a lady, who was standing behind the blind man, quickly picked up the $20 bill and placed it inside her purse as though no one had seen her do it.

"The lady behind him just picked it up and put it in her purse," Prusak told Yahoo News. "As if no one saw it."

Prusak, who has been working for Dairy Queen since he was 14, said that he recognized the blind man because he was a regular customer.

"He's a regular and he always pays with a debit card," he said. "He doesn't use a wallet, so when he pulled out his card, the cash fell to the ground."

After the woman picked up the bill and put in inside her own purse, the 19-year-old Dairy Queen employee confronted the lady about it, saying, "Ma'am, can you please return the gentleman's money?'"

However, the woman denied and claimed that she didn't take the cash and that there wasn't even a $20 bill on the first place.

"There was kind of a scene," Prusak said on what had happened next. "I told her what she did was extremely disrespectful and she had to leave."

Prusak said that although the woman did leave the scene, she never gave the $20 bill back to its rightful owner, so the Dairy Queen employee decided to do what he thought was the right thing to do. He walked to the visually impaired customer and told him that he dropped his $20 bill while handing a different bill, he took from his own pocket.

"I felt it needed to be done," he said, adding that the blind man thanked him, and he didn't really think about that did afterwards.

Unknown to Prusak, a customer saw what he did for the visually-impaired customer and got inspired into writing an email to the store manager praising what the young Dairy Queen employee has done as well as lauding him for his calm and kindness.

Yahoo! reported that the email went to Reddit, and was eventually picked up by the Daily Mail, which turned Joey Prusak into a nominee for the Nice Guy Hall of Fame.

Several days after Prusak's manager received the email from the customer who witnessed Prusak's kindness.

"He said, 'Why didn't you tell me?'" Prusak said, explaining that it didn't cross his mind. "It felt like the right thing to do."

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