Feb 04, 2017 10:52 AM EST

Salary Negotiation: Boost Your Compensation Package By Negotiating For These Perks

Most often than not, when you get a job offer, you just accept what is being given to you. Everyone can make that mistake. You should know that the base pay is not the only money you can get from your work.

There are actually perks or other benefits that you can ask your employer before you officially close the deal. Most of the time, you just only have to ask for them. "Employers expect you to negotiate," according to Vicki Salemi, an author and career expert with Monster, per Business Insider.

One of the things you can ask is a signing bonus. This has become a trend in recent years, so there is a big chance your employer would have one. If they do not have one, it still gives you a leverage to negotiate for other benefits.

Another thing to ask is when you can possibly get a salary increase. If it would take more than 12 months to get a bump in your base pay, you can ask if they can move the date to an earlier period. If not, then ask for a little boost to your base pay, citing that you won't receive an increase for a while.

Then again, if you have no luck with the base pay, go for something else like an additional paid time off, as The Charlotte Observer suggests. Additional vacation time, even if it's just a week, would be a great deal. This is particularly important for parents who would need time to care for their family.

Lastly, ask for a flexible work schedule or a chance to work from home. If your industry would allow it, being able to stay at home while still fulfilling your job would be a nice perk. With the aid of technology, working from home is becoming a trend these days. Also, having a flexible work schedule can benefit you in handling your personal agenda and in giving your best efforts at work.

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