Feb 07, 2017 05:26 AM EST

Tech Professionals Are Better Bet In Becoming A Millionaire Than Professional Athletes

Who wants to become a millionaire? I am pretty much sure everyone does. If you want to earn millions then better take a career in the tech field. Tech engineers are most likely a better bet in becoming a millionaire than becoming a professional athlete.

Making it big as a professional athlete is very much attainable. Pro-athletes such as Cleveland Cavaliers star player, Lebron James and Real Madrid’s three-time FIFA best player, Cristiano Ronaldo earned millions of dollars in 2016, according to Forbes World’s Highest Paid Athletes. James earned a total of $77.2 million both from salary and endorsements while Ronaldo earned as high as $88 million. But then, not all pro-athletes earn such millions. 

According to a new research made by Paysa, it shows that there is a greater odd for tech engineers to become a millionaire than professional athletes. If you will get a degree and become a tech engineer, you are most likely to get a long lasting and successful career that also pays very well. Aside from that, earning a tech degree is now easier and more attainable. Reportedly, a majority of engineer graduate students get to have a good job once they graduate.

Being a pro-athlete does pay very well, however, their career span is only limited. If you are on top of the game and considered as one of the highest and in demand athletes, then there is no doubt that you will earn millions from your earnings and endorsements. But the question is how long does it last? There is a tough competition in the world of pro-athletes and that is a widely known fact.

Not every athlete is given a chance to make it to NBA, NFL, and MLB. There are just slim chances in achieving that. But getting a tech degree and becoming a tech engineer can make you go a long and successful way with your professional career.

Chris Bolte, CEO of Paysa shared that a lot of high school students dream of becoming a pro, but only a few of them make it that far. “Those who do make it face the reality that their time and earning potential is limited and could even be at risk due to injury. At the same time, over a half a million unfilled jobs in technology continue to go unfilled across all sectors of the economy, making it a way better bet to pursue an engineering, computer science or another tech degree that can promise the same or even better earning potential over the long haul,” says Bolte.

Meanwhile, becoming a millionaire is achievable if you have the heart and determination to reach your goal. Jobs & Hire shared important lessons that you can learn from young self-made millionaires that can help inspire your future.

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