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Here Are The Things That Career Women Should Never Post On Social Media

Nowadays, a career woman’s social network account not only clues her family and friends to her activities and milestones, but it also reflects her values and beliefs. Moreover, your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page give current and prospective employers some insight on what you are as a person and a worker. This is why some things, such as career milestones, achievements, and the like deserve to be posted online, while other things should definitely be kept out of the Internet.

Here are the things that career women should never do or post on social media.

Information about your current job or an ongoing project

Unless you’re promoting a service or a product, talking about work-related things on social media is not advisable. Even a simple post saying that you’re afraid of not making the deadline on a project could be detrimental to your career, as rivals within and outside the company could use this information to their advantage.

Lashing out against certain people

Some people who have been hurt or offended often take to social media to lash out. However, doing so can harm your chances of making things right with that person, especially if that person happens to be your boss or co-worker. Do the right thing and approach the person who offended you and keep whatever you talked about off social media.

Overtly sexy or nude photos

You may be tempted to show off all your hard work at the gym with a series of sexy photos, but remember that this type of pictures will lead to you getting discriminated against if you apply for a new job. Keep it classy, and remember that whatever you post on the Internet will pop up when you least expect it to do so.

Details of your failed relationship

After a breakup, some women would go on social media to tweet quotes suggesting that they have been wronged, while others would go on an emotional meltdown with a lengthy post on Facebook. If you don’t want your co-workers asking you if you can do your job while you’re dealing with your breakup, keep the details of your last relationship to yourself.

Fake news, scams, or uninformed political views

Posting, sharing, or retweeting fake news, money scams, or uninformed political views can make you seem clueless or that you don’t care enough to check the facts yourself. Don’t just blindly share any article or tweet. Click on the link, read it, and see if it’s worth sharing.

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