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Getting Hired: Here’s How You Can Get The Job Through Rituals And Superstitions For Luck

Most job seekers who have spent a considerable amount of time on the job hunt have done their research, crafted a great resume, and updated their look for the next job interview. However, some think that having a bit of luck won’t hurt, and this is why job seekers turn to rituals and superstitions that they think might help them seal the deal.

Some of these rituals and superstitions involve lucky colors, keeping silent, and actively pursuing luck, among others. While there is no guarantee that these could work, it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try the next time you go to your next job interview.

Wear your lucky color

For author Mary Greenwood (via Career Bliss), red has always been a lucky color for her and this is why she always wears a red suit to interviews.

“I got one job with a red suit and now I always wear one,” she said. “I read that red is a power color and it makes me feel confident.”

Indeed, wearing an interview suit in a flattering color, or even a blouse that makes you feel good, could have a positive impact on your interview as you become more confident if you think that you look good. So find your lucky color and see where it takes you.

Keep mum about the job

If you’re afraid of jinxing the job, it was said that you should not talk about it unless you get hired. Though there is no proof that jinxes are real, it’s better not to talk about a job that you really want so that if it doesn’t work out, you won’t have to go through the trouble of explaining why you didn’t get the job.

Seek your own luck

It has been said that people who open themselves up to opportunities are more likely to find luck. So talk to people—even those you wouldn’t normally strike a conversation with. You’ll never know if your next job tip might come from that person sitting across from you at your favorite café.

Create your own rituals

Whether it’s sleeping with a glass of water under your bed, keeping a four-leaf clover in your purse, or meditating in front of a mirror at home before your interview, create a simple ritual that can calm you down before heading out. Doing so may help you calm your nerves and get yourself ready to face anyone as you pursue the job of your dreams.

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