Feb 09, 2017 06:34 AM EST

Canadian Study Finds That You Are Less Likely To Get Job With Asian Name

Job hunting is more difficult for people with Asian sounding names, concluded a Canadian study. An individual with an Asian name is less likely to land a job interview compared to someone with an Anglo name.

The research entitled "Do Large Employers Treat Racial Minorities More Fairly? A New Analysis Of Canadian Field Experiment Data" found that Chinese, Indian, or Pakistani names receive lesser job interview offers compared to Anglo-Canadian names, as reported by Huffington Post.

It wrote that there is a 28 percent less possibility that a person with an Asian name will be called in or offered a job interview despite the fact that the applicant has met all qualifications.

In the abstract of the study, smaller organization are more likely to discriminate against "Lei Li," "Samir Sharma," and "Ali Saeed" compared to larger organizations. Having a master's degree was also found to have been able to overcome the bias.

When one of the researchers, Phil Oreopoulos, reached out to employers for their opinions behind the results, the latter replied that language barrier was a concern. However, the reason was challenged due to the fact that the results were similar regardless of the communication requirement in the job.

Rupa Banerjee, one of the researchers, stated in an interview that the name is important seeing as recruiters only have less than seven seconds to look at a resume. As such, applicants are being judged by their names and names carry with it stereotypes and implicit responses.

Another study conducted by the BBC also found similar results. It concluded that people with Muslim sounding names are also less likely to be offered job interviews, reports Jobs & Hire.

It is not only in the workplace that these biases exist. Steven Lim shows that even in school and in restaurants, people with Asian or ethnic names encounter difficulties. Watch the video below.

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