Feb 09, 2017 06:30 AM EST

Four Points For Women Who Are About To Retire

Are you thinking about retirement? Wondering about all the steps you need to take to make sure your retirement isn't a problem? Here are some financial points to consider for women (and even men) who are about to retire.

Market Watch published an article detailing the retirement checklist that women need for retirement. You can find four points below.

Don't Touch The Retirement Savings

If you're not yet retired, do not even think of touching that retirement fund. Why? Because you may not be able to return the borrowed amount in the future.

It is best to leave that fund alone until you have entered that particular stage of your life wherein it will be your best friend and advocate.

Pay All Your Debts

Ensure that your retirement funds will not be used up in payment for all of your debts. If you have student loans or any other existing loans, strive to pay for them one at a time before you retire.

It will be difficult to pay for those loans when you no longer have a job to draw an earned income from. You do not want your pension going to your debt instead of to your personal expenses such as medicines, food, clothes, etc.

Get An Income Resource

Market Watch adds that an income resource should be included in your retirement plan. It will allow you to draw monthly income in addition to the benefit you get from your Social Security.

Move Before Retiring

For some women who are seeking to move into a more affordable residence, it is advised that you do so before you retire and while you still have the strength to pack boxes.

Market Watch wrote that creating a timeline and a separate budget or funds will help you make that move easy and less complicated.

Watch the video below by the Wall Street Journal on how to have a successful retirement.

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