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5 Jobs In Danger of Being Replaced By Robots

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Robots may be joining the medical, legal, and entertainment fields sooner than you think. Discussed in this article are five jobs that are in danger of being replaced by robots.

Technology has made a lot of advancement, making life faster and easier. However, the Guardian writes that it has also negative consequences on the jobs of people. See if you can find your job below.


With the exception of stage actors, film and television actors may find themselves in danger of being replaced with robots... or at least a digital version of themselves. Technology has made it possible to depict characters on screen despite the fact that the actors playing are dead.f

Notable "resurrections" include Paul Walker in the "Fast and the Furious" franchise as well as Peter Cushing in "Rogue One". For now, using living actors is easier for production teams and directors.


Some sports articles in Forbes and the Associated Press have been written by AI bots. The co-founder of Narrative Science, one company that has created a journalist robot, has even told The Guardian that by 2030 journalism will be computerized.


Attorneys may find themselves in the same boat as the financial advisers who have to compete with robo-advisers. DoNotPay, for example, boasts on its website that it is the world's first robo-lawyer.

It handles your legal problems and questions all for free. The Guardian writes that its company claims a 60 percent success rate.


Robo-teachers have yet to take over the classroom discussions but are already proving to be a great teaching tool. According to Phys.Org, smaller robots are used to teach engineering, robotics, as well as computer science while humanoid robots are utilized to teach languages such as English.


Medical doctors and nurses may not be replaced by robots any time soon but therapists are starting to head towards that direction. For instance, soldiers in Afghanistan are being screened for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through the use of a virtual therapist that is computer generated, writes The Guardian.

At present, these robots have not completely taken over the field but are playing an important role in assisting medical practitioners. There are social robots as well as therapeutic robotic pets to help children and the elderly respectively.

Read The Guardian's full article to find out what other jobs are threatened by robots.

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