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Marketing Tips: Choose Your Core Channel & Advertise To Educate


Do you want to reach more customers? Do you want to get them to trust your brand? Here are two marketing tips to help your business succeed.

Patrick McFadden is the author of 2017 Marketing Must Dos. He wrote about many tips regarding marketing and advertising. You can find two of them below.

Choose your marketing channel

A business can reach its customers using many channels available to it—social media marketing, SEO, Networking or Partnering, Public Relations, referrals, etc. Patrick McFadden writes that although you can use everything that can work to your advantage, it is more efficient to choose your core marketing channel, the channel that you are already using to achieve visible, palpable results from.

Asking yourself how the bulk of your customers found you or heard about your business will help you determine what your main channel is. If most of your market first heard of the business through Facebook promotions, social media marketing is the way to go.

Choosing a core marketing channel is vital as it will allow you to focus all efforts on it and be ensured that it leads customers to your door. It is also cheaper and cost-effective.

Advertise to educate, not to sell

One of the main goals of any business is to make money so that operations can continue. To ensure that revenues are made, a firm will advertise its products and services.

McFadden writes, however, that focusing too much on selling the brand is the wrong marketing approach. If you want your target customers to buy your brand, they have to trust the brand. Trusting the brand means educating customers about it.

According to McFadden, advertising should be educational in the sense that it comes with an advantageous "small call to action" such as scheduling a product demonstration, receiving a savings offer, or ordering a product guide. This will let the customer know more about the brand and the product/service.

For more marketing advice, you can read McFadden's full article posted published on Business2Community here.

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