Feb 14, 2017 10:50 AM EST

Startup Help Graduates And Recruiters Make Career Choices

Startup GradLimited's new product aims to help students, graduates, and recruiters with their career choices and decisions. It is in its pre-revenue stage.

GradLimited is a mentorship platform that seeks to help students with their careers by providing them with a system they can use to search for a career that is best suited to their varying personalities. According to Firstpost, its new product is a digital footprint report that assists students with career decision-making.

The report is an assessment of a candidate's personality with the latter's social media activity as a basis. The co-founder of the company, Abhishek Mehta, stated that the digital footprint report allows companies to identify the occupational interests and academic inclination of applicants.

Suitable jobs, internships, programs, courses, and scholarships are then suggested to applicants using a matchmaking engine. Companies and recruiters, in turn, can save time and money because they are making well-informed hiring decisions and find a candidate that matches with the organization all through the use of a single platform.

At the same time, students benefit due to the fact that they can do a job search that goes beyond job descriptions and takes into account how they will fit with it.

Who can use it? The platform can be accessed by both students as well as firms. Candidates log in and go through assessments that are then generated into reports, which will, in turn, be used by companies.

Students can use it free of charge. If firms want a more detailed and filtered search for recruits, they will need to pay an incremental value.

The Firstpost writes further that the startup is currently in its pre-revenue stage, having been live for about a month and has earned a thousand registrations. It will be marketed this month.

GradLimited was founded by Abhishek Mehta, together with Avinash Royge. Their mission is to students and young graduates avoid or prevent making irrational career decisions.

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