Feb 14, 2017 10:48 AM EST

How To Spot Fake Job Ads

Are you on a job hunt? Do you see job ads everywhere? Stop wasting your time on fake jobs. Here's how to spot them.

According to an article written by Forbes contributor, Liz Ryan, a fake job is one that does not guarantee you an earned salary. She dishes some advice on how to know whether or not the job ad you're looking at is the real deal.

Business opportunity. Ryan states that this is one of the most common phrases used in job ads which only lead to job scams. As an interested applicant for this "job" that has a "business opportunity," you may be required to cough up some investment money for the promised business.  

Energetic and motivated go-getter. The job in question will only take advantage of your time and talent and probably will not reward you with any form of salary. According to Ryan, if you voice out your concerns about the job, the phrase will be used as an argument against you.

"If you are an energetic and motivated go-getter, you shouldn't be too worried about the lack of income security."

Make your own hours. Ryan writes that the flexible hours are being offered in the job due to the fact that employers probably will not pay you in return. So in exchange for the lack of a salary, you can come in whenever you want.

Potential earnings. Potential is the key word. This means that there is a possibility that you will earn big, but on a practical level, you most likely will not.

Stay clear from job ads that use these aforementioned phrases and only send your applications to firms you find in job fairs as well as official company postings.

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