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Conversation Mistakes That Annoy People


Everyone knows how to talk to people, but being a good conversationalist is an art form that has yet to be perfected by many office workers. Conversing well with people takes more than knowing a wide range of topics, but the good thing is that with a little practice, it’s possible to improve.

To be a good conversationalist, one must know the conversation mistakes that irritate people. Though real conversations are taking a back seat to instant messages and texting nowadays, face to face interactions are still important. That’s why it’s necessary to hone one’s conversation skills in order to make connections which will help a person’s personal and professional life.

Here are the conversation mistakes that annoy people.

Not being genuinely interested in what the other person is saying

When speaking with another person, are you focused on what they’re saying, or is your mind somewhere else? People know when you’re pretending to be interested in what they’re saying, so be in the moment and give them your full attention.

Asking too many questions

It’s fine to ask questions. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to keep a conversation flowing. However, asking too many questions can make people feel like they’re being interrogated, so allow them to express their opinions first, and give them a chance to ask questions too.

Starting an argument

People who start a conversation just to prove that they’re right often find themselves in an argument with others. Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions, and good conversationalists know that it is important to show respect when talking to people.


If you’re always interrupting someone while he or she is talking, you may find yourself excluded from future conversations or meetings. Give other people a chance to speak before voicing your own opinions.

Bragging or Humble Bragging

People who brag are often avoided by others, but now, people have found a way to highlight their achievements, assets, and skills without any shame or guilt by humble bragging. Remember that even if you make self-deprecating statements, you’re still drawing attention to something that you’re proud of, and this can be very annoying to many people.

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