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Office Emergencies: How To Be Prepared For Worst-Case Scenarios In The Workplace


Most companies all over the world put the safety of their employees first, that’s why year after year, various activities such as fire drills, earthquake drills, and active shooter response training take place in offices across the globe.

While most people would rather think of doing their job than what they would do in case of a real emergency, workers need to be prepared just in case. In these uncertain times we live in, it’s better to be prepared for worst case scenarios, as your preparations could save your life.

Here are some tips on how to be prepared for the worst in the workplace.

Stash a pair of flat shoes in your desk

Slip-on flat shoes or walkable shoes are the best types of shoes to keep in your desk for emergencies. You may think that you can hobble down the stairs in your high heels during drills, but in a real emergency situation, you’ll need to move faster than that so you and the others behind you won’t get trapped in the building. You could also opt to wear shoes with a lower heel to work every day.

Keep a small flashlight and a whistle in your bag

A whistle can lead people to you in case you get hurt, while a small flashlight will be invaluable in case of blackouts and the like.

Make sure that your mobile phone battery is fully charged and take it everywhere with you

It’s best to have a fully-charged mobile phone at all times. You could also get a portable charger just in case your cell phone needs more power. Keep your phone with you at all times—yes, even when going to the restroom.

Keep emergency cash and a spare car or house key in a wallet that fits in your pocket

It’s best to wear one article of clothing with pockets to the office every day so you can keep important things close to you. Get a small wallet or a coin purse and place some emergency cash and spare keys in it, then place this in your pocket.

Have an office go-bag or bug out bag

Your go-bag or bug out is different from your everyday bag, and it’s something that contains essential items to help you survive in case you need to leave the office and walk home. A go-bag may contain an N95 face mask, protein bars, two bottles of water, a multi-tool, a first aid kit, fresh socks, a jacket, and walkable shoes.

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