Feb 17, 2017 07:18 AM EST

Aldi Upgrades Stores As Lidl Enters US Market

Aldi is looking to expand its grocery chain by upgrading its 1,300 stores around the country. The expansion includes more stores, a wider range of product offerings, as well as interior improvements.

The supermarket brand announced last week that an investment amount of $1.6 billion is going to go to upgrading its stores around the United States, reports Greensboro. The stores in the country number more than 1,300 and the investment is expected to occur over the next three years.

According to the news website, Aldi's expansion includes adding 650 new stores as well as providing more choices to customers in the following departments: bakery, dairy, and produce. Furthermore, Greensboro writes that improvements will be made on the interior of the stores such as adding environmentally-friendly store features in the form of LED lighting and open ceilings.

By 2018, Aldi expects to be operating approximately 2,000 chains, reports Greensboro. This news comes as another supermarket brand is entering and expanding in the US market.

Lidl, a European grocer, is also scheduled to open 20 stores this summer of 2017. Specifically, it will set up shop in North Carolina, South Carolina, as well as Virginia, reports the Charlotte Observer.

The news site stated that in order to compete in a large market, Lidl plans to offer a wider array of items and do things differently compared to how it operates in Europe. For instance, it is planning to offer chilled beer as well as free samples in its bakery department. 

The firm's plan necessitates the 21,000 square feet. This is the biggest shopping space among all of its chains in Europe.

Moreover, it is reported by the Charlotte Observer that 100 locations will be present in the East Coast within the 12 months of opening its first grocery in the country. For more news, follow Jobs & Hire.

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