Feb 20, 2017 08:19 PM EST

Signs That You’re Doing Well At Your Job

Most workers have no idea whether they’re doing well at work, as some only rely on what their bosses say, while others wait for their performance appraisal results to come in. However, there is a good chance that you’re already doing well at your job, even if your manager or supervisor doesn’t give you a commendation.

Here are the signs that you’re doing well at your job.

People look to you for answers

If you’ve become the go-to person for answers, then that’s a great sign that you’re doing very well. Your colleagues have come to regard you as an expert, and they trust you enough to give the right answers or solutions to a particular problem.

You look forward to going to work every day

If you look forward to getting to the office every day, it means that you’re motivated and happy with your job. When workers dread going to work, there’s a strong possibility that they would rather be somewhere else, which results to lower productivity and inferior quality of work.

You’re in charge of one (or several) projects

Some people might think that the added responsibility is a disadvantage, but being tasked to head one or more projects means that your boss is confident in your leadership abilities and that you can do each one with flying colors.

You don’t need to be told what needs to get done

If you already know what needs to be done without your boss having to remind you about it, then you’re doing a good job. This means that you pay attention to details and know how to deal with each problem that comes along.

You’re asked to represent your boss or your company

If your boss or the company sends you to meet with people to represent your organization, then you know that you have arrived. You know that you’re doing a great job when the higher ups trust you to speak on behalf of them and the company.

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