Feb 21, 2017 10:59 AM EST

Reasons Why People Left Their Jobs

People have left their jobs for one reason or another, be it due to having a terrible, callous boss or awful, lazy colleagues. This article contains the stories people have shared on Reddit about their reasons for leaving.

A thread on Reddit has had numerous comments from users, all of them responding to the prompt "Reddit, what event at your job made you just say, "F*** this, I quit."

Some reasons were due to having unreasonable and plain, evil bosses. PhantomHeadShot's mother died but a day off for a burial couldn't be granted by the manager. Similarly, GeartheGorilla was at a funeral when the supervisor needed GeartheGorilla to come in because the supervisor needed to get her hair done.

In addition, connietalbotfan's brother was asked to walk an hour to work in 105 degrees Fahrenheit heat only to be told that it was too hot to come into work. Upon arriving home, the brother was called up because his boss changed his mind and wanted him to wear the mascot costume.

For others, it was their colleagues that made them quit. A colleague held a knife to Morosoadvice's throat in an attempt to rob the bakery they were working in.

Restingbitchlyfe wrote about her time at a family-owned coffee shop. The owner's lazy daughter eventually prompted Restingbitchlyfe to leave after the former made some false accusations of Restingbitchlyfe being habitually late.

Oftentimes, customers can also lead to frustrations and realizations that it's time to find another job. Drizzy212 was suspended for having a wet floor sign whilst mopping the floor, when a lady came in and complained to the manager that she almost fell and was going to sue.

Loves_me_tacos125, on the other hand, had a customer spit a Salmon burrito on his face because he didn't like his order. How about you? Have any interesting stories to share on why you left your job? Comment below!

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