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Social Media And How It Can Possibly Affect Your Job Search

Social media is one of the most powerful developments in today’s modern world. That makes social media a key player in today’s job search process. By just viewing different social media networks, employers will already have an insight of who you are. Given that, social media can possibly affect one’s job search.

Posting photos, videos, sentiments, and point of views about different things on social media has been normal already for most people. Most of the time, they use social media to express their thoughts and feelings. But there are times that some tend to over post. Like they already post everything they do, feel and want to say in social media. Based on those posts, people will somehow be able to conclude the kind of person you are.

According to University Herald, employers also use social media to know more about their applicants. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat allow employers to have a glimpse of who you are outside the resume and cover letter you submitted to them. The data that they can find in social media includes one’s personal thoughts and beliefs, political views, adventures, and escapades.

However, personal rants and complaints could possibly have an effect on you. It cannot be helped that there are people who express their sentiments about getting low wages and complaints about their bosses and that is a major turn off to one’s employer. It can even drive away those companies who are supposed to hire you.

NBC reported that Leah Fraser of Confident Staffing in Medford said that “like 99% of them are looking on your social media pages.” Fraser pointed that even those job applicants who have impressive papers might be affected because of their social media networks. Some people simply do not realize how much social media can play a major role in one’s job search.

The best thing to do before job hunting is to check yourself on Google in order to know what other people will learn once they will search for your name. The point is, it is important to have a clean and respectable image online.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire shared that being social media savvy can also be of great help in getting hired because there are a lot of companies who appreciates applicants who are “techy” and modern.

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