Feb 22, 2017 05:33 AM EST

Boring Jobs: Is Your Job Boring?

What constitutes as boring is relative; a boring job, for instance, is dependent on the personality and interests of the person doing the work. People from fourteen different industries weighed in on whether they find their jobs boring or not.

A study conducted by Emolument sought to determine whether or not 1,300 people from across ten different fields were bored at work.  The results pointed at legal practitioners being the most bored workers, with 81 percent of participants saying they didn't find their jobs invigorating.

Other fields that have professionals crying "I'm bored" are Project Management and Support Functions. These two sectors have approximately 70 percent of its employees claiming boredom, while only a rough 25 percent say otherwise.

The least boring industry, on the other hand, is Research and Development. This can be because the field involves professionals constantly researching, working towards breakthroughs and creating innovating products, writes Emolument.

With a job like that, it is no wonder that only 45 percent claim to be bored; 55 percent, however, are not.

Education is stuck in the middle of the list with a 50-50 result. Well, working with students can make every day and lesson participation different and unexpected while at the same time the planning of lessons and repeating them in every class might come off as boring.

Moreover, a breakdown of the sample population found that no position in office is exempt from boredom. From entry level positions to top ranking ones, approximately 64 to 65 percent are bored. Read the whole study here.

This study surveyed fourteen various fields namely Consulting & Accounting, Education, Engineering, Executive Management, Finance Control, Financial Services & Banking, Human Resources, IT, Legal Jobs, Marketing & Communications, Project Management, Research & Development, Sales, and lastly Support Functions. For more news, updates, and job-related tips follow Jobs & Hire.

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