Feb 23, 2017 07:59 PM EST

Chinese Factory Replaces Majority Of Its Employees To Robots

Automation and robotics have been one of the greatest developments of today’s modern world. A strong proof for this is a company in China. A Chinese factory replaces a majority of its employees to robots. They were in awe with the rise of their productivity. It seems like robots are ready to take on human jobs.

According to ZME Science, a factory in Dongguan, China named the Changying Precision Technology Company focuses on mobile production and at the same time uses automated production lines. The factory used to have 650 employees, but now only 60 people are left for its manpower and the rest were taken over by robots. Based on that, 90% of the manpower was replaced by automation.

The company’s general manager, Luo Weiqiang said that the number of their human workforce will soon decrease to 20 people. The factory is now producing more equipment and it has also improved the quality of its products. There is a significant 250% increase in their productivity and at the same time a remarkable 80% drop with their defective products.

Business Insider shared that the company is now run by 60 robot arms. The robots work at 10 production lines for 24 hours. Out of the 60 manpower, three of them are assigned to check and monitor the production line while the rest of them monitor the computer control system.

With how the technology is going right now, the fast growing advancements in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, machines will soon take the place of human workforce. In a few years from now, more industries, companies, and factories will be run by robots and lesser human employees will be part of it.

The rise of robotic technologies is most likely a big threat to a lot of people as reported by Jobs & Hire. Many are already scared that because of robotics and automation they will soon lose their jobs. However, Bill Gates shared that the best solution for this is that the government should impose a tax on those companies who uses robots. By doing this, the funds collected will go to other employments that are best suited only for humans.

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