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Job Interview Tips: Write A Thank-Less Thank You Note

Writing a thank-you note after a job interview is suggested by some people. It doesn't guarantee that you get the job, but if well-crafted, it can give a recruiter a positive impression, says the president of a recruiting company.

While there are those who think writing and sending a thank-you note post-job interview may let you come off as desperate and a suck-up, there are also people who think that if it is well-written, it will leave a good impression on the recruiter, writes Bustle. It states that a proper thank-you note is a thank-less one.

Ask a Manager expert Alison Green stated that a thank-you note is not about thanking the recruiter seeing as they were only doing their job. Instead, the note should be about "building a conversation that you had in the interview" and emphasize your excitement for the job, states Bustle.

In short, remind them of what you can do for them if they hire you. Restate your readiness to work with them.

What can sending a thankless thank-you note do? Bustle writes that according to the president of Unbridled Talent, which is a recruiting firm, it "can add a positive impression to an already positive connection."

Does this ensure that you land the job you want? No.

According to Bustle, career coach and recruiter Sharon Siegel said that she's not going to change her mind about making a job offer if the candidate does not send in a thank-you note. Neither will she change her mind about a terrible interview if the interviewee sends a thank-you note.

This means that sending it may make a good impression, but not enough to get you the job.

So, how do you go about writing it? Remember that it is a note and not a letter. Keep it professional, short, and on point, writes Bustle. Send it via email within 24 hours of the interview.

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