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5 Job Interview Don'ts

Are you going on your first job interview? Are you nervous? Preparing for your interview by reading this article can help alleviate those nerves. 

NDTV has published a list of job interview tips. Read the Job Interview Don'ts below.

Don't be late. Don't be late to a job interview. It speaks a lot about your priorities, habits, and how working with you will be like.

According to NDTV, be at your appointed interview place 10 to 15 minutes beforehand. It can help you calm yourself and be mentally ready for the interview.

Don't dress down or dress up too much. How do you know when you're dressing down? Are the clothes you're wearing the ones you use going to the mall or staying at home? If yes, that's dressing down.

Are the pieces you're wearing the same ones you use on a night out with friends, on a party? If yes, you're dressing up.

NDTV writes that your appearance, like it or not, is being automatically judged the minute you walk in seeing as it's the first thing recruiters see. So, dress appropriately!

Don't be ignorant. NDTV says to research about the company you are applying for and the job before heading to the interview. I remember on my first job interview for an internship that I told the recruiter working for the chamber of commerce means dealing with trade. I could not be more embarrassed when he corrected me.

I researched beforehand but it wasn't thorough, as I eventually found out. No research is enough. Always be curious for information about your company.

Don't be shy. Being curious about the company also means asking questions. So, do not be shy to inquire about the job, about company policy, and benefits, says NDTV.

Don't forget your CV. If the recruiter emails you to attach your resume in a reply email, that does not mean that you should not bring a copy of the CV during the interview. Always bring your CV during an interview.

In my first job interview mentioned above, I thought that since the recruiter already asked for my CV in an email, he would print himself a copy. It turns out I was wrong and I had to hand him my CV to read on my iPad.

NDTV writes that even if the recruiter does not ask you for it, having a copy of your CV with you shows that you are prepared.

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