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Here Are Signs That You May Need To Take A Break From Social Media

Social media is one of the most amazing things that have been created in recent times. It allows us to catch up with friends and family, and it also keeps us informed on what’s going on in different parts of the world.

On the flipside, social media can also be quite annoying for some people, as some use it to spread rumors, bully other people, or just post meaningless things as a way to get attention. Certainly, some people don’t care to be informed on what you had for breakfast, or what your thoughts are on your new co-worker.

If you’re always on your phone updating your social media feeds and can barely remember the last time that you went a day without checking, then it might be time to start rethinking your social media habits.

Being constantly online can have adverse effects on your emotional and mental well-being, and if you find yourself experiencing the following things, then it may be time for you to quit Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a while.

Here are signs that you may need to take a break from social media.

You can’t put down your phone when you’re with friends or family.

If everybody seems to have a good time catching up while you’re completely absorbed reading your social media feeds, now would be a good time to put your phone down and reconnect with your loved ones. Remember that your Facebook friends can’t take the place of your actual friends, so be in the moment.

You’re envious of other people’s lifestyles.

You can’t stop thinking of what it would be like to live in the mansion like the one that’s been flaunted by your Instagram “friend” or what it would be like to go on a tropical vacation every month like another of your online friends. People always post what they want people to see and if you keep comparing yourself to others, you fail to see the things that you already have.

Your social media habit is hindering your productivity.

If you find yourself constantly scrolling through Facebook instead of working, or ogling other people’s Instagram pages instead of working on your term paper, then you know that you have a problem.

You check your phone while you’re walking or driving.

Doing so makes you a danger to yourself and others. Nothing is so important that you have to check a Twitter post just as you’re making a right turn onto a busy street.

You can’t do anything without posting it on social media first.

You’re about to eat dinner, but you take a picture of your meal before digging in. You’re about to kiss your significant other, but you take a photo of the moment to share later. You’re about to give birth, but you go on Vine to document it. You get the idea. If the scenario seems familiar, then you’re due for a social media break.

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