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Lessons From Young, Successful CEOs

Forbes contributor Deep Patel wrote an article about how we can learn a lot from young, successful CEOs. The individuals discussed below teach us that it doesn't matter whether you have experience or not, are in a high ranking position or not, because either situation can be used to your advantage.

Don't let your age limit you

Tyler Haney is the CEO of Outdoor Voices, an athletic apparel brand. In an interview with CNBC, Haney stated that it was due to her age that she is where she is.

She said that her youth made her naïve. In other situations, this may have been a disadvantage, but not for Haney.

According to her, the beauty of being naïve was that she pushed the boundaries that were limiting her. She said she did not have any experience and thus asked to be present in people's offices in order to gain some.

She wouldn't have asked if she were older and had some background and experience. But she wasn't older. She was young and naïve, bold enough to ask questions, be curious, and eventually break through barriers.

Do the dirty work.

Most people in high ranking positions pass off the dirty work to the subordinates or to secretaries. But not Richard Werbe of Studypool, an online tutoring platform.

For Werbe, no position is ever prestigious enough to hinder you from getting down and dirty in the job. He wrote in Huffington Post about an occasion wherein a Studypool user reported a bug in the platform.

Instead of assigning his developers to fix the issue, Werbe got himself involved. What resulted was the creation of new features and designs, prompting more user sign-ups.

Go offline.

Not everything can be found on the internet, nor should everything happen there. For another successful CEO, Carlo Cisco, it is important that people get to log off and mingle, meet other individuals beyond their usernames and email addresses, and physically interact.

Cisco is the founder of SELECT which is a concierge company. Patel writes that every month, the firm holds a gathering so that members can meet and mingle.

Cisco's approach has allowed for members to feel valued and part of a community that cares, says Patel. Read his full article here.

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