Mar 08, 2017 06:41 AM EST

Does Having A Degree Or A Great Personality Get You A Job?

Is it better to have a degree or to have a great personality in order to land a job? In the words of Tony Stark, "Is it too much to ask for both?"

Both are important, says a recent Telegraph article by John Timpson. A degree will get you as far as the job interview, but it is your personality and enthusiasm that will seal the deal, Timpson writes.

One's personality, confidence, sociability, workability, and flair are the most important qualifications, according to Timpson. This is because when you are actually doing the work, you will be working with different people, interacting with them, and how you eventually do that is essential.

Can you play well with others? Can you apply that degree efficiently? Timpson suggests that you choose a company that suits your personality, that has a mission and vision that you agree with, and people who you can work well with.

Remember that your degree is not a measure of how well you can work with others or how at ease you are in negotiating business deals. The degree will only help you land a job interview, but not the job itself.

That's why there are resumes that recruiters peruse over. They look at your experiences, extracurricular activities, as well as your skills.

This is because what you put under those headings give an image of yourself outside of school. Timpson writes that it answers the questions: what have you accomplished outside of your studies? What have you been doing when you weren't studying?

For this reason, Timpson's father suggests that you make your own work opportunities, find a way to keep yourself busy. Timpson himself adds that it is those who have a personality and enthusiasm for the work at hand that get the most interesting jobs.

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