Sep 24, 2013 10:47 AM EDT

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Season 4 Predictions, And Who Will Be Dead Next? [VIDEO]

AMC's The Walking Dead is just a few weeks away, and fans are waiting with bated breath to see if any of favorites are going to die soon. Trailers and promos for the series premiere do not look very forthcoming, with Rick and Daryl digging a grave for somebody who seems to be from within the group. Who could it possibly be?

The Walking Dead season 4 will premiere on October 13, but this early on, fans and critics have taken what little they know of the next show-the trailers and teasers-to deduce who might be biting the dust next.

Karen seems to be the strongest candidate for the corpse in the blanket that Rick and Daryl are about to bury. Played by actress Melissa Ponzio, Karen is the curly-haired brunette who appears to have taken up a romantic relationship with Tyreese. And that is what the fans have taken up hints on: in the trailers, Tyreese kisses Karen's hand, and later on is shows holding flowers in his hand, with a mortified look on his face. That image doesn't look very promising for Karen at all.

Other more likely fan-predicted deaths include the governor, with fans saying that it's about high time that he dies. Fans have said that there does not seem to be any more room for him to develop past season three, and so killing him off would be the next logical step.

Old-man Hershel is also a close candidate for dying, what with having just one remaining leg and all, and given how it is a zombie apocalypse that relies on speed and evasion, something that a one legged man would have great difficulty with. Sorry, Hershel.

Fans also predict that either one of Glenn or Maggie is about to go soon; the onscreen couple seems to have lasted way too long together, that the only likely development for them in the next series is a breakup, by whatever reason that breaks people up in a zombie apocalypse: either one of them gets caught cheating, or either of them dies. It will possibly be quite an event, with Glenn being around since season one.

It also looks like season 4 will have a new threat of zombies (like there had not been enough of them already) with talks of baby zombies on the rise, but series creator Rob Zirkman says that there is another threat coming to challenge the gang. "Mother Nature herself is actually closing in on these people."

Will that mean the zombies have evolved into the horrific running zombies of modern interpretation?

"As far as changing their methods or behavior or evolving in any kind of major way, that's really just not the point of the show," Kirkman says, "The show is about these characters. And the zombies are present and they will always be a threat, but the show isn't really about these creatures evolving into something new."

The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 13, at 9pm. 

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