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Things To Know About Freelancing Before Quitting Your Job

Nowadays, many professionals are getting side jobs or side hustles as a way to supplement their income. After some time, most workers find out that their side jobs enable them to earn more than what they expected, and they often quit their jobs to become full-time freelancers.

Being a full-time freelancer does have its perks. Not only do you get to do something you love, but you also control your schedule and daily activities. There’s also the fact that you never have to leave the house, especially if you decide to take on a remote freelancing jobs.

Though freelancing can be empowering and freeing, it’s far from perfect, and there are several things that you need to know before you hand in your two weeks’ notice. Here are the things you should know about freelancing before quitting your job.

It can get lonely

Part of the allure of working in an office is you get to interact with people on a daily basis. When you’re a freelancer, you’re usually on your own, and it can get lonely when there’s no one to talk to.

You celebrate your own success

In an office, bosses and supervisors lead the celebrations whenever a team does well. As a freelancer, there will be no one there to give you a pat on the back, and there certainly won’t be anyone who’ll decide to have a spur-of-the-moment pizza party to congratulate you on a job well done.

There will be days when you have nothing to do

Freelancers know that at some point, the demand for one’s services or products will slow down and on some days, they find that they have absolutely nothing to do. Some freelancers treat these type of days as a blessing, while others become anxious, thinking that they don’t know what to do with their time when there’s no work to be done.

It’s up to you to create your own schedule

As a freelancer, you’re very much in control of your time, so you’ll be the one to plan your day. You’re also the one responsible for making sure that you don’t run out of work, so you schedule clients months before your current projects are finished.

You’ll have to be more careful with your money

A regular job guarantees that you get paid the same amount of money on a monthly basis. As a freelancer, you’ll never know if next month is going to be a slow month or not, so you’ll need to be careful with your finances.

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