Mar 13, 2017 08:27 PM EDT

YouTube Filmmaker Casey Neistat Talks About Success And Taking His Career Further

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTube star and filmmakers. Neistat started his career by making his everyday video blogs. He eventually earned a lot of followers and caught the attention of different brands such as Google, Samsung and Nike. And now, he gladly shares his success story and his plans to take his career further.

Neistat shared via CNBC that if you want a successful career as a filmmaker, it is important that you think like Tarzan. Neistat said that "It's about this idea of grabbing on to whatever's in front of you and running with it, without having much understanding of where it's going to lead you.”

Neistat credited his success to trusting his ideas. He does not let failure bring him down. He is not scared of failures. In fact, his biggest break came after he was given a ticket for biking outside the bike lane in New York City. Neistat turned that experienced into a YouTube video. The next thing was that he got a call from The New York Times.

Neistat pointed out how different YouTube was five years ago and from how it is right now. And because of that, it brought an entirely new audience to his work. And that led for other big brands to contact him and make videos for them.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Neistat is planning to launch a new YouTube channel along with the Beme team. The still unnamed channel is set to launch in March and he will be the one to host the daily show. The team behind Beme is working in developing new apps on how to distribute the news.

"It speaks to CNN's fearlessness that they're willing to get behind radical experimentation in the media space," said Neistat. Neistat’s partnership with CNN is a great opportunity to take the things that he does and his career to the next level.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire reported that world’s richest YouTube sensation "PewDiePie" just got fired by Disney. The 27-year-old Swedish whose real name is Felix Kjellberg was dropped by Disney because of his Semitic videos that he posted on his YouTube channel.

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