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Things To Do During A Boring Meeting

In workplaces all across the world, employees usually have to sit through at least one dull meeting each week. Team meetings, in particular, can be absolutely draining, especially if you’re done talking and the boss’ focus is on another team member. If leaving the conference room is not an option, there are a few productive things that you can do while you’re stuck in a boring meeting.

If you know that your next meeting is going to be long and dull, you can get through it by making sure that you’ve got all the essentials with you before heading to the boardroom. Take a notebook or your journal, a pen, your favorite caffeinated beverage, and you’re all set.

Here are things you can do during a boring meeting.

Play the “if I win the lottery game”

Everyone has fantasies of what they would do if they win the lottery, but have you ever written down everything that you want to do with the cash? Now’s the time to do that. Let your mind wander and write down how much will go to a brand new house, a car, your favorite charity, and the like. Feel free to include the most ridiculous purchase that you could possibly make, such as a roomful of “Star Wars” memorabilia, a 16-foot teddy bear, and things like that.

Come up with ideas for a new novel

You’ve always wanted to write a novel, yet you don’t have any ideas on what it’s going to be about. Well, use this time to come up with ideas for your upcoming best seller. Come up with character names, the novel’s setting, and the premise. For all you know, your ideas might send you on the road to becoming the next J.K. Rowling.

Plan your budget

If you don’t have time to draw up a personal budget when you’re at home, now is the best time to do so. If you’re done doing that and the meeting is still going on, make a grocery list. You can even plan your menu for the week if you’re inclined to do so.

Change the lyrics of an original song to create a new version

If a particular song is stuck in your head, try to change the lyrics so it reflects your mood or feelings at the moment. Try changing the lyrics of pop songs such as “Closer,” or go old school with Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody.” For a challenge, go Broadway and try to change the lyrics of any song from the “Hamilton” soundtrack.

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