Mar 15, 2017 08:12 AM EDT

These Are The Situations When You Need To Keep Silent At Work

Young professionals are often advised to speak up, stand up for what they believe in, and let their voices be heard. However, there are times when it’s best to keep silent in the workplace, especially during certain situations.

Sometimes, the smartest thing to do in the workplace is not to say anything at all. By keeping quiet, you manage to give a good impression, and in some instances, you may even be able to save your job.

Here are the situations when you need to keep silent at work.

When everyone is gossiping about a co-worker

When everyone is talking about the latest office scandal or is speculating about the sudden promotion of another employee, it might be tempting to say what you feel about the subject, especially when everyone is talking about the same thing.

However, gossiping can contribute to a negative workplace culture. Moreover, someone can use whatever you said against you as “ammunition” to destroy your career. So in moments like this, it’s best to keep silent and walk away from the gossipers.

When you don’t have the answer to a question

Some people try to wing it by babbling whatever comes to their mind when asked a difficult question. When this happens, it’s better to admit that you don’t have the answer and that you’ll find it for your co-worker or boss if you’re given the time to do so.

When someone is trying to pick a fight with you

Getting into an argument with someone in the office won’t do you or your career any favors. If someone is trying to pick a fight with you, keep your cool and calmly say that you’ll talk later.

When your “sharing” turns to bragging

It’s easy to brag or humble brag in the office when you’re trying to impress your co-workers. But if you find that people are starting to roll their eyes when you’re talking about that “amazing weekend in Ibiza” or that model/teacher that you went out on a date with, you might want to dial it down and just keep things to yourself.

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