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How To Look Classy On A Budget For Professionals

Professionals know that one way to be successful in one’s career is to look the part. This is why so many are investing in good quality suits, handbags, and shoes as they want to make a good impression on their co-workers and bosses.

Because not everyone has the funds to splurge on an Armani suit or a Patek Philippe timepiece, some professionals have mastered the art of looking classy even on a tight budget. All it takes is paying attention to the small details, and taking the time to look for inexpensive yet well-made clothing and accessories.

Here are some tips for professionals on looking classy while on a tight budget.

Stick with the classics

There’s a reason why a black blazer or a dark suit is the go-to for many professionals. Both are classic pieces that will stand the test of time, and you can easily find a good, classic blazer or suit at an affordable price. When faced with choosing between a bright red ensemble or a black suit, choose the latter—it looks more expensive and is a lot more versatile for the office.

Be well groomed

Ever notice how the truly wealthy always look perfectly groomed? Not a hair is out of place, and they certainly won’t be sporting ragged cuticles or lipstick that looks too garish for daytime.

Classy hair is shiny, bouncy, and has no visible roots, so make sure to have clean hair that’s not overly long for the workplace. Even if you’re not a fan of nail lacquer, take the time to trim and file your nails and don’t forget to push back ragged cuticles. Opt for light makeup to enhance your features.

Pay attention to fit

Clothes look more expensive if they fit well. Find a good tailor so he can take in loose clothes and hem pants or skirts that are too long. Also make sure that your clothes are in good condition—that means no stains, rips, loose buttons, or broken zippers.

Get a classic handbag and shoes

If you can afford only one handbag and one pair of shoes for your work wardrobe, get a structured bag in black or caramel, and matching classic pumps with a 2-inch heel. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable to walk in.

Keep it simple

Don’t over-accessorize. Never wear stacked bracelets, a statement necklace, and dangling earrings all at the same time. The wealthy often accessorize minimally, often sticking with a signature piece that they wear over and over again. It can be a watch that was handed down by a parent, or a locket that has sentimental value.

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