Mar 16, 2017 10:16 PM EDT

Workers’ Unions Can Actually Boost Your Business, Believe It Or Not

A number of business owners are scared of workers' union. Of course, they have a list of reasons for not wanting their employees to organize. One of those reasons is that workers' union helps employees demand stuff from management that it may otherwise be unwilling to give.

Workers' union give employees hope that someone will stand up for them when the company and its management are implementing rules and strategies that could hurt their livelihood. Through workers' union, employees can demand that their company offers them pay increases and better work environment.

According to a report of The Guardian, business owners are against workers' unions because they feel that operations would be more expensive. Studies show that workers' unions help employees get better pay and other benefits from companies. The report also noted that since there are more unions in the public sectors, employees there have better job security and working environment compared to those who are working in the private sector.

Although companies and managements may think that having a workers' union will be costly, it can actually save the company millions in expenses in the long run. With better job security, employees are more likely to stay longer so that means that there would be lesser money spent on training new hires.

In addition, a better working environment will motivate workers into being more productive. Without worrying about health, housing and other stuff, employees will be able to focus on their work.

In the United States, workers' unions are facing a dilemma with the election of Donald Trump as the country's president. The Atlantic reported that workers' unions are unsure whether they should support the current administration's plans for the country, or whether they should ask for something better.

For businesses that are on the brink of bankruptcy, Jobs & Hire previously reported that business owners can avoid that by taking care of their employees.

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